Important Covid–19 Update

Important Covid–19 Update.  The Federal Government announces critical infrastructure sectors that will remain open. Those include our partners in healthcare, food, and water management. We are open and here to support your needs.

covid -1 19 Testing Coronavirus TestingOver 25 years ago EST was formed in response to our local hospitals’ need to respond to a disease outbreak in our community. Since that time, we have provided our customers with guidance in times of both calm and emergency. The current COVID-19 outbreak presents another challenge that we stand ready to help you through.

Just a few days ago, the federal government issued an updated Coronavirus guide for America. This strategic guidance, which was executed by the Department of Homeland Security, identifies the country’s critical infrastructure and what they consider as necessary industries. Each classification noted carries a special responsibility and duty to continue their operations during these challenging times. This guidance outlines the importance of essential critical infrastructure workers and the key role they play in maintaining the services Americans across the country depend on daily to be able to operate during the US joint COVID-19 response.

Environmental Safety Technologies provides support to several industries within the designated classification and thus is considered essential. Those are, healthcare, food and water management. As such, we remain open to serve the needs of our valued friends and customers.

In addition, we have implemented the suggested CDC guidance for work place safety and have fully mobilized our telecommunication policies. Our industrial hygiene personnel are working hard to provide needed services both under government guidelines and specific site policy requests. As federal guidelines are updated, please rest assured that EST will evolve to keep current and remain above standards for meeting the challenge. Together, we will beat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please call our offices at 502-893-6080 or email us at one of the email addresses below if you have any questions concerning our availability or visit us at

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Please know that EST is open and at full capacity to handle all of your sampling and microbiological needs.  We have worked hard over the weeks to put into place processes and procedures that will allow us to remain open at full capacity for the duration of this crisis.  We are also continuing to monitor the fast paced events surrounding COVID-19 and we are looking to develop additional services in response to COVID-19.

Me and my team have extensive experience (over 40 years) in infectious disease, infection prevention and environmental microbiology. We are available at any time to answer your questions and to provide you solutions during this difficult time. Please contact us with any questions that you may have.



Dr. Richard D. Miller, Ph.D.

President – Environmental Safety Technologies

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