Water Management Plans & ASHRAE 188

Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems

Environmental Safety Technologies has provided our customers with the highest level of Legionella services and information for over 20 years and we are prepared to assist you with ASHRAE 188-2021.  We can provide guidance in establishing your “Water Management Program” by assisting with:

  • Consulting with the Program Team
  • Assisting in the description of the Building Water Systems and Flow Diagrams
  • Developing plans for monitoring of Control Measures
  • Providing confirmation of Control Measures through validation

How do you know if ASHRAE 188-2021 will affect you?

ASHRAE 188-2021 requires building owners to implement and follow a “Water Management Program” if they have any of the following onsite:

  • Cooling Towers and/or Evaporative Condensers
  • Whirlpool Spas
  • Ornamental/Decorative Fountains
  • Air Washers, Humidifiers, or Misters
  • Any other device(s) that release(s) aerosols

Your potable plumbing systems require a Water Management Program if any of the following are true for your building:

  • A centralized hot water system supplying multiple housing units
  • More than 10 stories, this includes below grade levels
  • Residents over the age of 65
  • Any area(s) housing or administering care to individuals with certain health factors

Are You Prepared? Ask Yourself Three Questions:

  1. Have you assessed and addressed your Legionella Risk?
  2. Do you have a Water Management Plan in place that will protect your facility?
  3. Have you validated your Water Management Plan?

If you answered no to any of these questions and don’t know where to start or have been putting it off, get in touch with us TODAY.

Announcing An Easy Way To Build And Execute Your Legionella Water Management Plan


Legionella Water Management Plan

It is critical that your Legionella Water Management Plan (WMP) is compliant with ASHRAE 188 And CMS? Some hospitals have been cited because of water management policies not satisfying the CMS Legionella requirement.

LAMPS makes it easy to reduce your risk and comply with CMS and ASHRAE 188. You get a defensible, web-based water management plan with editable policies and procedures, documentation tools, built-in training, data analytics, and graphical reports. It’s secure, easy, economical, evidence-based, and effective.

You can enter your EST Legionella results in LAMPS and get robust analytics with graphical reports, making decisions easier.

EST is the industry leader in Legionella validation testing and consulting.

Do you have challenging Legionella questions?  We have created a special Stump Doctor Miller page and you can ask us anything by clicking here. We encourage everyone to do their best to Stump Dr. Miller! 

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