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Also, We Are Pleased to Announce our

New Next Day Result Viable PCR Legionella Test!

Our New Test Offers Speed And Live Legionella!

We are excited to announce that in October we will be rolling out our new viable Legionella PCR (vPCR).  This will be a next day test result (i.e. send your sample one day, and get your result the next day!).  This test will give a result for viable Legionella pneumophila (presense/absence), but at a limit of detection correlated to our culture tests.  While this test will not report serogroup 1 L. pneumophila, we intend to offer a coupled test option, where if the vPCR is positive, we will automatically set up the 96 hr culture test, giving you a true quantitative number, and the serogrouping results as you get on our regular culture report.

This is a game-changer from your leader in Legionella testing since 1993!

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Here is our take on new Legionella testing options

There is a lot of talk recently about new Legionella testing options and the money saving option of doing it yourself.

The first issue we see with the do it yourself approach is the liability. Do you want the liability for the accuracy of the test results? Is it worth the risk? Aren’t you better off sending your samples to an accredited lab that assumes the risk and does the test?

Another concern would be the amount of time it would take for someone with three or more samples. Do you want to spend three hours or more processing samples yourself? And, for potable water samples, most water management plans involve six or more samples for validation of each building, resulting in even more time you spend processing samples.

So, when you look at the risk, and the time involved in processing your own samples, our NEW viable PCR is the only way to go!