Candida auris & Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens Test

Comprehensive Culture Panel for Healthcare Surfaces

Candida auris & Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens testing

It has now been well-established that environmental surfaces play an important role in the endemic and epidemic transmission of certain pathogens that cause healthcare-associated infections.1  These bacteria and yeasts share the ability to be shed from infected or colonized patients, survive as infectious agents on dry surfaces for extended periods, are difficult to treat because of multiple drug resistances (MDRs), and are difficult to eradicate by cleaning and disinfection.

Let EST help validate your facility’s cleaning and disinfection procedures for control of Candida auris2 and these other menacing pathogens1.  By using our Comprehensive Culture Panel, you can definitively screen for a wide range of drug-resistant pathogens that can lead to costly hospital acquired infections (HAI).

1Otter, J.A. et. al.  (2013). Evidence that contaminated surfaces contribute to the transmission of hospital pathogens and an overview of strategies to address contaminated surfaces.  Am. J. Infect. Control. 41: S6-S11.

2Du, H., et al.  (2020). Candida auris: Epidemiology, biology, antifungal resistance, and virulence. PLoS Pathog. 16 (10): e1008921.

Analyses for the “SURFACE SEVEN” includes:

Individual pathogens can be analyzed if needed to conduct a focused investigation in response to a specific outbreak.

Don’t let Candida auris and other drug-resistant pathogens become the source of an outbreak or death at your facility. Hospitals and nursing homes across the country have trusted EST as their Comprehensive Environmental Microbiology Testing Laboratory since 1993.

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Candida auris & Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens Testing

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