Familiar Faces, Familiar Setting & Turning the Page

If you visited us at AWT, you likely saw a couple of these on the windows and floor of the showroom.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a text message asking if it had settled in that 2019 was almost three years ago. That is how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many of us. It has not just caused us to wear the masks, like in the above picture but has also kept us from seeing how quickly time has passed. So, for EST in Providence, RI last week, it was a welcoming sight to connect with hundreds of industry colleagues and clients that we usually see once or more each year.

Turning the Page

For EST, this year was not just about seeing familiar faces during a familiar setting, but also offering a new and novel approach to Legionella testing and risk management. Earlier in 2021, EST rolled out the industry’s first viable, quantitative Legionella pneumophila PCR screening that provides you with the same report and same sensitivity as your traditional culture reports. Now, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Legionella™ and the EST Team, you can get a viable, quantitative analysis of your water system with Same Day or Next Day results. With this revolutionary innovation, you can now get a true risk assessment of your cooling towers and domestic water samples in less time than it takes a cup of coffee to cool in a travel cup.

Changing the Game

On September 24th, Dr. Richard Miller and I presented at the official Commercial Corner at the 2021 AWT Convention. That Thursday morning, we presented information about what the benefits of PCR are, why the market previously had not embraced it as a replacement for culture analysis for Legionella pneumophila screenings, and why Dr. Miller, who was included on the original 1994 patent for waterborne pathogen PCR analysis, introduced in 2021 an industry screening designed to act as a replacement for culture analysis. Understanding the needs of the industry and our water treatment clients, we ensured the screening was the same sensitivity as a culture analysis, had the same report, and presented data in the same units of measurement (CFU/mL).

Beyond Legionella

Looking forward to 2022, it is EST’s mission to continue to provide the industry with the best and most effective solutions for Legionella and waterborne pathogen risk management. While our first use of our innovative vPCR technology was built for Legionella pneumophila, we have other items on the horizon including the industry’s first viable, quantitative non-tuberculosis Mycobacterium & Mycobacterium avium-complex PCR. Until that time, we encourage you to look through the materials on our website about this amazing technology, request a copy of the presentation from the 2021 AWT Commercial Corner, or contact Dr. Legionella™ and the EST Team directly to learn about how EST is providing you with the Speed You Need for Legionella analysis.

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