Environmental Safety Technologies is your Legionella Authority

As the cooling season approaches, Environmental Safety Technologies is ready to assist you in providing your customers the best information and service regarding Legionella detection and prevention.
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  • Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Investigations and Emergency Response
  • Risk Management, including HACCP-type Plans
  • Remediation Plans for Legionella in Healthcare and Commercial Buildings
  • “Gold Standard” Culture Analysis
  • Standard 7-10 Day and 96 Hour Rapid Turn-around
  • Identification of Legionella pneumophila Serogroup 1, Serogroups 2-14 as well as Non-pneumophila Legionella species
  • Legionella Laboratory Reports include Interpretations and Recommendations
  • Microbial Corrosion Screens
  • Other Bacteria and Fungal Analyses Available

cooling towers
Cooling Towers
Validation of biocide effectiveness is primary method of minimizing the risk of contracting Legionaries’ disease from a cooling tower

Dr. Richard
Dr. Richard Miller Ph.D.
Legionella Expert

Microbial corrosion
Microbial Corrosion
Now is the time to assess the potential for microbial corrosion in your cooling tower.