What does this include?

  • On site testing (including emergency response)
  • Complete laboratory analysis including pneumophila serogroup 1, pneumophila serogroup 2-14, and non –pneumophila species designation
  • Personalized Legionella facility risk assessments and management plans
  • Validation of Legionella control programs
  • Ph.D. Microbiologist recommendations for all laboratory analysis
  • Self-testing kits and training

Why sample your facility?

Proactive environmental surveillance will help you monitor your water quality and provide you with information needed to help protect building occupants. Monitoring by viable culture can determine the effectiveness of biocides and other water treatments in both your potable and non-potable water systems. Such preemptive measures can help your facility to dispute allegations of negligence if litigation should arise. EST’s team of experts can aid in determining which sites in your facility are of greatest risk and develop a sampling plan to meet your needs and even sample for you if needed. Our laboratory reports include recommendations and interpretations if Legionella is detected and our experts are always available for consultation.

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