Cloud Based Water Management Plans

2017 Brought Us New Legionella Regulations And It Was A Very Active And Publicized Year For Outbreaks

Are You Prepared For 2018? Ask Yourself Three Questions:

  1. Have you assessed and addressed your Legionella Risk?
  2. Do you have a Water Management Plan in place that will protect your facility?
  3. Have you validated your Water Management Plan?

If you answered no to any of these questions and don’t know where to start or have been putting it off, get in touch with us TODAY.

Announcing An Easy Way To Build And Execute Your Legionella Water Management Plan

Environmental Safety Technologies (EST) can help facilities get a Legionella Water Management Plan (WMP) in LAMPS, a cloud application for WMPs, training, and analytics.

Legionella Water Management Plan

It is critical that your Legionella Water Management Plan (WMP) is compliant with ASHRAE 188 And CMS? Some hospitals have been cited because of water management policies not satisfying the CMS Legionella requirement.

LAMPS makes it easy to reduce your risk and comply with CMS and ASHRAE 188. You get a defensible, web-based water management plan with editable policies and procedures, documentation tools, built-in training, data analytics, and graphical reports. It’s secure, easy, economical, evidence-based, and effective.

You can enter your EST Legionella results in LAMPS and get robust analytics with graphical reports, making decisions easier.

EST has arranged a special discount with HC Info for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other facilities that want to set up a WMP in LAMPS on their own. If you want set-up services, we can help with that too, because several of our customers are HC Info Partners that offer those services!

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