AWT Convention FollowUp – Moving Forward

AWT 22 Booth EST

AWT took place in Vancouver, Canada this year and frankly none of us really knew what to expect.  2021 brought us back together in person in Providence, Rhode Island but it still felt a bit restrained with the COVID pandemic just starting to ebb away from our daily lives.  Masks were sometimes on sometimes off; vaccines were looking at boosters, and no one was really ready to fully return to normal.  Jump forward a year later and although the pandemic had morphed into an endemic some things were still uncertain.  The location provided challenges, along with the economic strain of the past two years, many colleagues I spoke with were unsure if a trip out of country was an option for them at this time.  So, when we arrived at AWT the place we love to go to connect with hundreds of industry colleagues and clients, we were really unsure of who or how many would greet us there.

A Voyage like No Other

AWT 22 Booth ESTFor EST, the journey to Canada was one of our most adventurous ones.  With flight delays, airport screenings, a mistaken identity and a booth that was looking to make a last minute entrance we weren’t sure we would be ready before the show even started.  Fortunately, the bus from the golf outing was delayed and our booth did find its way there and we were ready to meet the masses.  It would be disingenuous to not say we were a little disappointed in the turn out this year. It did seem as though the location and the troubles we faced in travel were enough to lighten the crowds significantly.   We still saw many familiar faces and met a few new ones, so in all the exhibit hall was a success.

Validation as a Theme

On September 24th, 2021 Dr. Richard Miller and Brandon “Smitty” Smith debuted Legionella vPCR at the 2021 AWT Convention. For this year Dr. Miller brought forth additional data regarding the validation progress and success we have seen with this powerful new use of the technology.  Additionally, Smitty introduced the next evolution in vPCR for EST, quantitative non-tuberculosis Mycobacterium & Mycobacterium avium-complex PCR at our official 2022 Commercial Corner.  Both talks focused on the steps we have taken to validate these technologies.  There is a reason we are so excited about these tools, and we hope that enthusiasm will soon be replicated in our customers as they become more familiar with them.

Next Up

Looking forward to 2023, it is EST’s mission to continue to provide the industry with the best and most effective solutions for Legionella and waterborne pathogen risk management. To spread the word EST has worked with Dr. Richard Gilpin to transition the website WWW.LEGIONELLA.COM to EST.   This new platform will enable us to reach further and farther ensuring both existing and new customers can easily find the answers to the questions they have regarding Legionella and the solutions needed to control it’s amplification.  We are also looking at improving the access our customers have to their reports, sampling kits, and all of the expertise at EST.  2023 will be our 30th Anniversary, and we are very excited for all that has in store for us and for you.

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