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Environmental Safety Technologies 30th anniversaryAs the leading Legionella testing company, EST offers complete Legionella testing services, including sample collection, culture analysis, PCR analysis, water management plan consultation, and whirlpool spa testing and analysis. Our testing services are not limited to Legionella, we also offer CMS/environmental waterborne pathogen analysis, mycobacterium PCR analysis, sewage contamination screening, indoor air quality monitoring, and many more services!


Our water care testing services provide the water treatment industry and building owners with the knowledge they need. Microbiological testing for cooling towers and potable water systems validates if these systems are controlling Legionella proliferation.


EST can help your facility validate its mission to provide a clean and safe environment. By providing Legionella water testing, environmental surface testing, waterborne pathogen testing, cleanroom validation testing, and more.


Hotels and Resorts turn to EST for all of the water testing services needed to provide a safe stay for guests. This includes whirlpool spa testing, potable water system testing, decorative fountain testing, and more.


Cruise lines operate on a tight timetable, but still need to provide their guests with a safe environment. EST’s Viable Legionella PCR can provide results in as little as 6 hours, ensuring that the ship’s systems are free of Legionella before you set sail.

We are the Legionella testing company you can count on. Contact us today to learn more!

Meet Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller has over 40 years of experience in working with Legionella. It all started with his research program at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in the fall of 1977…

Meet The EST Team

Environmental Safety Technologies, Inc (EST) was founded by Dr. Richard Miller and Shauna Weis to provide Microbiology Laboratory and Industrial Hygiene services in 1993….

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